International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers _ Local 117

(effective April 1, 2013)
 (847) 854-7200
847-854-7266 RE-SIGN FAX ONLY OR IBEW117.COM

MONDAY – FRIDAY (except holidays)

The original out of work book sign must be in person and you must be unemployed in the industry, within Local 117’s jurisdiction and provide the most recent termination slip.  To maintain your position on the out of work book, applicants must resign the book on a continual monthly basis.  Resigns must be received between the 10th and 16th of each month (Resigns will not be accepted early or late) or applicant will be removed from the book.  Resigns can be done in person, by certified mail post marked between the 10th and 16th, faxed, or electronically on Local 117’s website between the 10th and the 16th of the month to remain on our out of work book.  Standardized forms must be used for all certified mailings and fax resigns.  Forms are available at IBEW Local 117’s hall and also on Local 117’s website for electronic submission.  IBEW Local 117 has a three strike policy and once an applicant accumulates three strikes the applicant will be removed from the out of work book.   

The hall will call applicants for jobs daily until jobs are filled.  A maximum of one strike a day will occur to an applicant if they are unavailable for work.  Answering machines will be considered as not available for work.  If an applicant accepts a job and is a “no show” to take the call, that applicant will be removed from the book.

A short call is fourteen consecutive calendar days. A one-time request per call for a back to back short call shall be permitted with the proper request form only.   Applicants will not receive a strike for a turn-down of a short call.  The applicant list for a short call is formulated on a rotating basis to allow equal distribution of short calls.  Once an applicant accepts a short call and works four or more consecutive days the applicant will rotate to the back of the short call list.  Also, any applicant that is not available for a short call will rotate to the back of the short call list.


Any applicant registered on any of Local 117’s Out of Work Books that is referred to an IBEW signatory contractor through another IBEW Local Union and is actively working and reciprocity payments are being made on their behalf to IBEW Local 117’s Fringe Benefit Funds, may request “inactive status” (No Job Calls – No Strikes) Applicants who qualify for inactive status must continue resigning pursuant to the resign rules.

To qualify for “inactive status” the applicant must provide the Local 117 referral office with the following:

  • A current paycheck stub

  • Proof of employment from the referring IBEW Local Union.   Proof of employment includes a referral slip and a letter from that Local Union’s Business Manager.

  • Written notice by the applicant to the Local 117 referral office of their desire for “inactive status”.

1.   Applicant will regain active status when terminated from employment or upon applicant supplying Local 117’s referral office with written notice of his/her desire to return to active status. Applicantmust supply Local 117‘s referral office with a severance slip within three days of termination.   Fifteen (15) business days after Local 117’s referral office is in receipt of the termination slip and/or notice of active status, the applicant will return to active status on Local 117’s Out of Work list on the sixteenth (16th) business day the applicant will be eligible for a job call.

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Effective 04/01/13

For a printable Resign Form, CLICK HERE.


Please Check which out of Work Book your are Resigning

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IBEW Local 117

  • IBEW Local #117 is located at 765 Munshaw Lane in Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014. Our phone number is 847-854-7200 and our fax number is 847-854-7266
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